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Is your business sensitive to the changing Baby Boomer?

  • How many of your Clients are anxious about their retirement lifestyle?

  • How much is not understanding your Baby Boomer 'Workforce' affecting your succession planning?

  • How many in your Audiences are Baby Boomers?

    A lack of attention to the aging Baby Boomer may be costing you a great deal!

MyProtirement Research

Research, based on 100 interviews with people from all walks of life, from  a Coal Miner to a former Prime Minister, and summarized in Life 3.0 (to be published September 2017), shows us that retirement is NO LONGER a destination for Boomers. It is only the first step in the change process, and journey, toward an exciting and fulfilling Protirement. Baby Boomers go through a 3-stage process:


Protirement research found that Baby Boomers are choosing from 17 different activities, outlined in the Protirement Checkerboard. Four of the activities support research that shows 60% of Boomers plan on continuing to work, in some manner, after they turn 65. Everyone develops their own personalized Checkerboard.

Protirement Checkerboard:


MyProtirement Services:

Employee Training

MyProtirement has developed a specialized 3 1/2-hour Workshop to assist your employees, who are mid-career, 5 years from, or on the verge of retirement, plan their transition into the third chapter of their lives. Participants receive a copy of the Life 3.0 Workbook to develop their personalized Protirement Lifestyle Plans.


As your Protirement Coach MyProtirement provides you with support, skills and guidance to:

  • Facilitate Positive Change: Build a tool kit of strategic behaviours to assist in a successful transition through the 3 stages of change related to retirement (Stage 1: Retirement; Stage 2: Transition Zone; & Stage 3: Protirement).

  • Develop Clarity & Vision: Understand the new "retirement" reality; explore the Protirement Checkerboard; & develop strategies to create your own Protirement Checkerboard.

  • Create a Pre-retirement Plan: Explore the pre-retirement advice in Life 3.0 and develop a pre-retirement Plan to better position yourself for your eventual retirement. 

Conference Keynote Presentations

MyProtirement provides Keynote presentations to a variety of audiences including Association Conferences, Client Groups, Employee Meetings, and more. Presentations are tailored to each audience. Topics include:

  • Life 3.0, Protirement not retirement;

  • Why 60% of Boomers plan to work in retirement;

  • Boomers are Community Builders; and

  • How well-known Boomers protire.

 Financial Advisor 'Client' Workshops

MyProtirement will provide your Clients with a value-added 2-hour Workshop to assist them in developing a personalized Protirement Lifestyle Plan that will enhance their Financial Plan.

MyProtirement will train you, as a Financial Advisor, to use the Life 3.0 Workbook, and ensure that your clients Financial & Lifestyle Plans are mutually supportive.

Training includes:

  • 6-hour MyProtirement Workshop;

  • 2-hour Follow-up Workshop; and

  • Coaching followup - 2 Coaching phone calls.

 Corporate Consultation

By 2031, close to one-in-four Canadians will be 65 and older. Seniors represent a new market opportunity and a source of skilled labour.

Are your Human Resource policies, practices and workplace age-friendly?

MyProtirement will work with you to ensure your Company:

  • Addresses ageism in your workplace;

  • Innovates to answer the needs of Canada's seniors; and

  • Embraced the opportunity to make changes today to make you economic winners tomorrow.


Identify your Protirement goals. Develop a plan to transition from retirement to Protirement. Embrace Protirement!

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