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A leading expert on Protirement

Ellis Katsof is a successful social entrepreneur, CEO of MyProtirement and the author of the book ‘Life 3.0’ (to be published in the Fall of 2017).

Ellis provides inspirational Keynote addresses and Workshops on the following topics. He will also tailor the Keynote address to specific audiences.

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Keynote topics include:

Life 3.0

We choose to have a fulfilling, meaningful third chapter of our life the moment we recognize that there is life after retirement; it is called Protirement. Based on Ellis’ research, interviews and book ‘Life 3.0’, this Keynote presentation will help your participants understand the process they will go through after they decide to retire; the transition from retirement to Protirement; and how to avoid the everyday pitfalls of the Transition Zone. They will learn key strategies necessary to develop an exciting Protirement. Ellis will also share the Protirement Checkerboard with 17 Protirement Activities they can explore and embrace to have a fulfilling third chapter of their lives. Ellis ends this thought provoking presentation with advice, offered by the 100 people who were interviewed, on how to develop a fulfilling Protirement..

Protirement includes "Not Retiring", "Contingency Work", "New Careers" and "Seniorpreneurship"

Drawing on his intimate interviews with 100 Canadians and Americans who are Protired, Ellis illustrates why 60% of Baby Boomers are deciding to continue to work during the third chapter of their lives. Protirement does include work for many Boomers, and not only because they are concerned about their retirement income, but for other important reasons. Ellis’ fascinating work-related facts and inspirational stories will motivate his audience to explore becoming Seniorpreneurs, launching New Careers, pursuing Contingency Work, and/or Not Retiring as early as they were thinking of doing so. This thought provoking presentation challenges participants to take the necessary steps to transition into an exciting Protirement, whether they chose to continue working or not. 

Boomers are becoming Community Builders in their Protirement

As a social entrepreneur in the not-for-profit sector for 35 years Ellis was surprised to hear how important ‘giving back’ was for many of the 100 people that he interviewed for his book on Protirement. Boomers are clearly embracing volunteering and becoming Community Builders in a variety of settings. Ellis shares inspiring stories from individuals, from all walks of life, who feel that volunteering during their Protirement is a key to a satisfied Protirement.

What are well known Canadians and Americans doing during their Protirement?

Ellis interviewed people from all walks of life including well known individuals like Ken Dryden, the Honourable Paul Martin, Ronnie Hawkins, Lloyd Robertson, Liona Boyd, Gil Amelio, the Honourable Tom Ridge and Ken Goldman. This keynote presentation shares intimate stories about how these prominent individuals are spending their Protirement years. Ellis explores how their stories are unique yet similar to the many other stories he heard. His audiences will be fascinated to hear. how these well known individuals have had the same challenges during the transition from Retirement to Protirement as everyone else.

Life 3.0 Workshop:

MyProtirement has developed a specialized approach to assist Baby Boomers with the transition into the third chapter of their lives, Protirement. The Life 3.0 Workshop evolved out of research with 100 individuals from all walks of life. The Workshop will assist you, whether you are 5 years out from retirement or recently retired. You will learn why the retirement process has evolved for Baby Boomers, from retirement being a destination, to retirement only being the first step in a 3-Stage Transition process, ending with Protirement, i.e. 'The pursuit of fulfilling activities in the third chapter of our lives, whether we chose to retire or not.'

You will develop a personalized Protirement Lifestye PlanThe Plan will focus on activities which will make the transition successful and rewarding. In the Protirement Workshop you will learn what the 100 individuals who participated in the research had to say about:

  • Pre-Retirement Advice;
  • Transition Advice;
  • Protirement Advice; and
  • The Protirement Checkerboard, i.e. 17 Protirement Activities that Boomers are engaging in during their Protirement.

Workshops are tailored for:

  • Financial & Wealth Management Advisors and your Clients;
  • Professional Associations;
  • Management Teams;
  • Employee Groups;
  • Unions; and
  • the General Public.